Pregnancy is a special time and a uniquely personal journey. It can be exciting and joyful but also it can be an anxious time with so much change happening in the body. I really fell in love with yoga when I was pregnant with my first child. I cherished the opportunity to move my body in a safe way, releasing tension both mentally and physically. In busy lives pregnancy yoga provides a peaceful time to connect with yourself and with your baby. It also helps you prepare for labour, giving you tools such as breathing techniques, that can help you through labour and the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy. Everyone is welcome, whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogini, yoga can bring an inner calm and physical strength.

My pregnancy yoga classes are specifically for pregnancy, asanas (poses) are adapted to the stage of pregnancy and there is a focus on safe, gentle movement and relaxation. I incorporate breathing techniques which can be powerful tools for relieving anxiety and can be used to aid you physically and mentally during labour.

Because my classes are in very small groups of 1 or 2 people, I tailor the class to the specific requirements of my students. Classes can take place in the light, calm, relaxed setting of my home studio or at a venue or your choice.

Classes can be arranged at a time to suit your schedule either on a one to one basis or as a group of two. See my class schedule here for regular classes and see class prices here.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements 07971230388 or